Surrounding ourselves with beauty and seeing the beauty that surrounds us

We all know those days or periods of time in our life: We are not being successful, our relationship suffers or breaks, we have lots of new challenges, we feel this is all too much and we are so tired and exhausted but we have to be going, we cannot even remember what makes us feel good, our thoughts turn around how insufficient we are, our body keeps signaling that we should get to a stop, but we cannot stop and feel, nor ask for help. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming that is so suitably called a “stuck state”, because it seems that everything works against us and that there is no way out. I will be reflecting about ways of getting out of these stuck states.

One starting point for getting out of these gloomy situations can be beauty. Search for the beauty round you! Is there a flower blooming in your garden or on your way to work, a tree moving peacefully in the wind, the sound of rain against your window? Is there someone who wears something pretty, or do you wear some clothes that you really like? Can you see a color that is beautiful? Can you find beauty in an old building? Can you sense the amounts of energy and dreams and efforts and history that are hidden in those old stones? Can you see someone smile? Just open your eyes and search for beauty around you. And if you cannot find any, what about creating it? What about decorating your room, cleaning up, writing something…? Take a break from worrying and hitting on yourself, just some minutes, to observe and create beauty… You may even want to try this if you are not “stuck” and it is just a “normal” day. You may be surprised about your experience – and please feel free to share what you discover.

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