_Success Stories_

Success Stories



For the first time in my life, I had decided I needed to do coaching and consult with an expert about the path my life had taken and how to make things work in a different way. After giving it a lot of thought I decided that Katharina would be the person to help me in this. I have known her for long time and this helped me to take the decision. Her approach, professionalism and attitude in life were things I took into account when choosing her for my coaching. She helped me in different ways, but most important was that she made me feel that I am the only one that can take control of my life. From that moment on, everything change. I started thinking in a more positive way and working hard to optimise my resorts to make my life better. Today after her coaching, I feel more confident, optimist and capable of my possibilities to find a better job, improve my relationship with others and making my dreams come true. Thanks Kat for all your help!!! I wish you all the best and please continue with your excellent job because it is worth it for a lot of people.” Marta, 30 years.



With ReSource Yourself, I have reached freedom.  The other day, we watched a movie and my sister asked me what “my word” was for myself.  I answered “freedom” and then I realized, that is what I feel now. In just three sessions, the things I was worrying about just lifted! And I feel so much lighter!” Emily, 26 years.



Thanks to Kat and despite my initial skepticism, I’ve gotten to heal things that seemed impossible to overcome – in a very short time. This is not therapy, it is magic … and healing power. Thanks, Kat, for your dedication, your enthusiasm and love with which you do your job.” Nuria, 42 years.



I’ve managed to heal my relationship with money and my work. Also some aspects of myself in relationships with others: my partner, my parents – and I can apply this to any other relationship. When I only think of Kat, my heart opens and warmth comes out, and now I can say – that is love. My life is enjoyable, more living, strengthened in every sense. I feel very grateful, and I would recommend the ReSourcing to any person of any age.” Maria – Dolores, 37 years.



I simply felt better: Right after the first appointment I had the feeling of emerging from a deep valley. That almost immediately gave me the experience to be more active again and to be able to act, not just react. In the process, Kat has given me the confidence that I would feel better again. I Could get into our work without feeling pressured, and it was very helpful that problems were not judged, but simply accepted. I recommend Kat’s support to anyone, and of course that includes my friends and relatives. It is especially helpful for people like me, who have learned to analyze everything with the help of cognitive therapies, but who have experienced that all their insights don’t help them (anymore).” Edeltraud, 62 years.



When I came to see Katharina, I really didn’t have a big problem, but I was dissatisfied – with myself, my work, my environment. I thought that everybody else had it better, and I was envious of the my friends’ and my partner’s success. Today, 9 months later, things have changed … for the better!
I am more balanced, happy in my work, I am able to forgive my own weaknesses and accept myself more as I am! It is unbelievable but true: All the points that I have worked on with Katharina, have improved in a short time! After each session, I could see positive results, and now I can even manage to change my perspective and to no longer take things so personally … I am very happy, and I am happy that I found you! Thank you so much for your help! Sarah, 33 years.