_ReSource Yourself© Consultations_

ReSource Yourself© Consultations

Any kind of healing and change comes from being connected to Source, and is a consequence of the raise in energy we then experience. Any tool we use is then a bridge that helps us become aware of our Divine origin, and raise our energy, thereby dissolving – once and for all – old and painful emotions, mental patterns and memories.

The ReSource Yourself© Method is a set of techniques of psychological tools that were developed by Katharina Seidler. It is rooted in the works of psychiatrist and consciousness researcher Dr. David R. Hawkins, and our training and experiences in different psychological approaches such as:

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other Body-Energetic Methods


    Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

    Mental approaches such as working with intentions and affirmations


The ReSource Yourself© Method was first developed in 2012 by Katharina Seidler based on the works of psychiatrist and spiritual researcher Dr. David R. Hawkins. Our tools focus primarily on releasing old emotional and mental patterns by changing the energetic patterns and information stored in a person’s energy field, as well as on completely dissolving the negative belief systems that limit us in everyday life (Belief Cancelling Technique).

These tools help you to accept your situation and let go of fighting it (Surrender Technique), bring a loving approach to situations of conflict, rejection and stress (Forgiveness Meditation), and let go of other people’s issues that are burdening your energy system and daily experience (Responsibilities Technique).

It is the combination of these tools that makes ReSource Yourself© an effective method helping you to express your full potential and change any physical, mental, emotional and behavioral imbalances that may hold you back. TheReSource Yourself© Method helps you to raise your physical energy and clear your energy field, and therefore reach improvement on your inner issues and outside conditions. This makes your life healthier, happier, more positive, successful and balanced.



You can go through our systematic process of personal growth, or use Katharina’s support in a custom-made individual form. All her support is very result oriented – check our testimonials to convince yourself of its effectiveness.

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So what can a client expect from the ReSource Yourself© Method?

    ReSource Yourself© can give you relief quickly.

    ReSource Yourself© dissolves blockages in your life and yields new insights.

    ReSource Yourself© facilitates an increased level of awareness.

    ReSource Yourself© lowers stress and brings you more health, balance and well-being.

    ReSource Yourself© helps you overcome your limitations and find creative solutions to your problems.

Change can be fast.

Just because you are feeling really bad, or you have been suffering for a long time, it doesn’t mean that it’s hard to change. In fact, when you resolve the root of a problem, you can notice an incredibly fast change in your body, mind, emotions and general energy.

Raise Your Energy – The Key to Change

Overcoming anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or feeling stuck and worn-out, processing loss, sleeping better, resolving a conflict, taking a difficult decision, improving your relationships or your health – everything you may want to reach can happen when your energy rises. If you look at it energetically rather than medically, any kind of suffering comes from a low energy being in your system and not having been processed and released yet.

The difficulty for many people is that understanding a certain pattern and its origin doesn’t necessarily enable us to let go of the negative energies that are connected with it. Our mind can solve many things, but understanding and logic have their limits. A real change can occur when we connect with the energy of Source, for example through love or intention, or when we dissolve mental attachments such as limiting ideas in their emotional and energetic root.

The individual sessions are geared towards detecting the negative energies, the mental and emotional patterns and burdens stuck in your system, and helping you to release them. So whether you just do one session or you decide for a package or the individual 1-month-ReSource Yourself-Program, the focus will be in finding and releasing the low energies from your system so that you can heal and find relief on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. As your consciousness level rises, you become more positive and perceive the situation from a new angle, which in turn changes the way your surroundings are:



When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Be prepared that when you work with me, this will influence the way other people treat you, your relationship, the people around you. That is the amazing thing about energy work: The energy doesn’t just stop where your body ends, but is connected to everything in and around us. So when you change, your life changes. You align with a different energy field, and that makes it possible to have completely new experiences.

Individual Sessions – How It Works

For the individual sessions, we meet on Skype, or use other forms of communication like WhatsApp, Facetime or phone. This is what you can expect to happen:

  1. Setting intentions. Any change starts with an intention, so at the beginning of a session or an individual process I help you find and formulate the intentions that will guide your process. Life is not all about avoiding suffering, so the key is finding the intentions that come from your heart, the core of your being, because those are most powerful. The energy work will be more effective the more genuine, positive and strong your own intentions are.
  2. Finding the leverage point. At any given point, there could be multiple issues you might want to work with. Your subconscious already know which is the one angle that can be most effective to release and look at, and will have the most impact on all other aspects of your being. Usually it corresponds with the aspects that make you suffer most. By analyzing your experience and with the use of Kinesiology, we get to communicate with your subconscious and determine, which layer and issue to work with.
  3. Dissolving the key negative beliefs. We hold negative energy in our system in many ways, but one very obvious way is through the belief systems that our mind attaches to. The problem is not that you think something like “I am not good enough”, but the underlying emotions connected to such a thought pattern, maybe shame or rejection or guilt. In every session we define the key beliefs and you learn and apply the method for completely releasing the thought and the underlying energies.
  4. Release of emotional and mental blockages and patterns. Through the use of intention and in awareness of our connection to Source, I find and release negativity related with the issue from your your body and energy system. As the connected information disappears from your energy field, you can reconnect to your own healing power. That’s why your subconscious and conscious mind keeps processing for a few days after the session: Once the blockages are gone, everything can take it’s way and keep releasing.

Is This Right For You?

You may wonder if it’s better to choose an individual support version or to go through the systematic 10-weeks-change program. It all depends, what you say YES to:

… I want a fast change in how I feel and need a quick relief

… I prefer the specific individual support, working through my own layers and issues as they come up and creating a durable change in me.

… I prefer the exclusivity of a one-on-one setting over the process I could experience as part of a group or working through things by myself

… I want to release old emotional and mental patterns and get rid of the baggage from the past that is weighing me down. It’s not necessarily important to learn how to do it myself.

If you say YES to one or all of these statements, then we invite you to schedule a Resource Yourself© Session.