_Practical Info_

Practical Info

The Process

The whole process of ReSource Yourself© and the frequency of the sessions vary from client to client and in time. You may choose the systematic and life-transforming, profound 10-week online program which combines individual work in a step-by step process with Katharina’s personal support. Get more information about the benefits and the process here. If you prefer a one-on-one setting and your main focus is finding quick relief from something that burdens you or transforming a specific area in your life, we recommend one ore several individual sessions. You can register for a session here.

Online Therapy – Skype or Phone Sessions

All our support is carried out remotely, as we do energy work and you get the same results working over video or phone calls as with personal treatment, but we also improve the flexibility and availability to our clients. We use Skype, Facetime, or WhatsApp for your sessions. Click here if you would like to contact us. No matter where you are, as long as you can get a stable internet or phone connection, you can get the benefit of our support.

Duration of Therapy Sessions

ReSource Yourself© session usually takes around 1 hour. Sometimes, the first session takes a little more time, because we want to get to know your life situation and familiarise you with the process. But remember, this is not about time, it’s about results! We advise our clients to take some rest after the sessions in order to digest the intensive process and allow for the ReSource Yourself© Process to continue and bring about more shifts.


ReSource Yourself© gives you the opportunity to make an investment in yourself, your wellbeing and your success. We greatly believe in balance, and see money as a form of energy. The idea of balance is behind the following reasoning: you will get the best results if you are willing and ready to change, let go and receive from life. The more committed you are to wanting to get results, the better they will be for you. If you make an investment, you’ll be ready to receive a lot! You will feel that you deserve all the great value coming towards you, and accept it whole-heartedly. So, you committing to an investment in yourself is a crucial point of the success of our service in your life. It helps you break a cycle of limitations and thinking small.

Money-Back Guarantee

We want to make the choice easy for you, and we know our method works! So if you purchase the three-session package at a reduced rate, you can get back all your money if you are not happy after the first session. So, really, what have you got to loose? If you decide to go deeper and sign up for the 10-weeks-online program, you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the program by the end of the first half – the start of week 6.


You can register for our services by making your bookings on the sessions page, or the Resource Yourself© Program Page, if the program is available at the time you are visiting our website. Registrations and bookings are made by credit card payments. Once your payment is confirmed, you will get an email confirmation. In this confirmation, you’ll be able to schedule your sessions, by using the links provided. And please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to work out a payment plan.