Money and Finances

Money and Finances

Create a Life of Abundance, Shine, and Experience Success!

All of us in the first world are living in relative abundance. We have food, shelter, and many resources that are normal for us. Even so, ABUNDANCE has to do with how we feel about money, the fears and worries we may experience, and what kind of stress or effort we are making to maintain our level of living. Basically, money is just another form of energy. The more positive your energy and emotions around money and success are, the easier it will be to experience abundance, and improve your financial situation.


Essentially, you are what you feel you are. If you feel successful and rich, then you can enjoy what you have, and effortlessly create more. Do you feel rich, successful, and at ease with money? Can you spend on yourself without a bad conscience? Are you free of worries about how things are going to play out? Or do you experience a constant pressure of having to make efforts in order to achieve, be able to afford, and do the things important to you?

If you want to align with a positive energy field around abundance, money and success, these are aspects to look at:

  • Self-love: Create balance between giving and receiving. For many of us it’s easy to give, help others, and hold up our end of the bargain. Receiving, being spoiled, being taken care of? NOT THAT EASY! We derive a sense of control and a good part of our self-esteem from the recognition of others and their gratitude, admiration and need towards us. So when we are stuck in a cycle with others in that way, we are not open to actually receiving opportunities, and amazing chances and rewards. And it all comes down to self-love: We have to love ourselves enough to be giving to ourselves… and when we learn to do that, so does the world.
  • Change negative belief systems. Especially if you’ve grown up in a family where many people have had to work hard, many hours, and EARN their living with lots of effort, then it’s quite likely that you have belief systems that mirror these experiences and bring the same kind of attitude and life to you: “I don’t deserve it”, “I have to work hard”, “I always have to make an effort”, “There is alway enough money, but never more than that” “Successful people are selfish” “Success makes you lonely” “I’m never gonna make it”… whatever you may believe about work, money, success and your own potential is what you will experience in the future. So let’s look at how you can effectively release those old mental patterns and belief systems and open up to a new experience!
  • Allow yourself to shine – and success follows. Happiness is contagious. And being in alignment with who you are meant to be and who you really are is what makes us happy. So when you get to express who you really are and can be, and access your full potential, then your energy around what you do is so high, that people will want to be with you, learn from you, receive from you – and they will reciprocate what they receive, and give back to you.

In short, ReSource Yourself© affects the mind, emotions and behavior through your body’s energy. It is a unique method that can help you to raise your energy, become more positive about abundance and financial success, and allow it to come into your life.

If you choose our 10-weeks growth program, you will release so much emotional baggage that your energy level goes up automatically, giving you the resources, motivation and means to go into a more self-loving and receiving attitude towards life. Learning different tools and approaches, you will move through your deepest fears and discover the world that is waiting for you being them. If you choose the option of individual support, you will see that even just one session produces a noticeable difference and can make you feel a lot better around your financial situation and success.

We invite you to experience this positive and systematic change process: “ReSource Yourself!”

It is easy to find out which are the benefits the ReSource Yourself© Method can create for you: Call us now for a free personal assessment.

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