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Physical Health

Let Your Body Help You Grow – Through Pain and Psychosomatic Illnesses

When your body aches or limits you, you can treat the symptom. Also looking at its roots and finding and resolving the underlying issues, needs or meaning of those symptoms is an amazing way to grow. Our body, mind and emotions are connected, and sometimes it’s amazing what a change in physical symptoms you can reach just by transforming the emotions and mental structures underlying the chronic pain or psychosomatic disease. Our online individual support or systematic growth program are an invitation: Improve your health, quality of life, and learn to better cope with your disease!

It’s no secret that emotional and mental stress and disorders are manifested in the body, causing or maintaining physical symptoms. That’s why very often the solution to relieve chronic or continuous pain and diseases like insomnia, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, migraines or immune system problems – including overweight-, is found on a mental level.

It has been shown that emotional and mental factors may support or counteract a healing process. However, most of the time we are not aware of the emotional roots of our physical problems.

There are three reasons for seeking the healing of your body through mental and emotional healing:

  • You’ve lived a long time with a physical problem, and the medical treatments you’ve tried have not solved the problem.
  • You have a very serious disease and would like to complement the usual treatments to help your body heal.
  • Your general health is very poor and you are having one illness after another. When one symptom improves, another one appears.

If you believe that at the root of your discomfort there may be an emotional component, or if you want to be sure you have done everything you could to overcome the problem, the ReSource Yourself© method offers optimal support in order to:

  • Find and understand the emotional roots related to your discomfort
  • Transform negative experiences from the past that have led your subconscious to create pain and disease
  • Learn psychological tools to improve the aches and pains in your day-to-day life
  • Release emotional blockages that have come to overload your immune system

ReSource Yourself© affects the mind, emotions and behavior through the body energy. It is an effective tool in the treatment of pain and all kinds of psycho-somatic ailments. It helps you to improve your physical symptoms and to lead a healthier and more balanced life.

If you choose our 10-weeks growth program, your consciousness level and physical energy level will rise, which always manifests as an improvement of your health and physical wellbeing. As you transform inner structures of fear and guilt, you will also feel empowered and more able to influence how you feel. If you choose the option of individual support, you will see that even just one session produces a noticeable difference and can make you feel a lot better – and the challenge is then to stabilize those effects.

We invite you to experience this positive and systematic change process: “ReSource Yourself!”