Our approach to therapy and the development of the ReSource Yourself© Method has everything to do with the work of the American psychiatrist, spiritual teacher and researcher Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Having experienced high states of consciousness, Dr. Hawkins tried to describe these states in words, and started to investigate the nature of consciousness. He contributed immensely to the spiritual growth of many people, and his works are applicable – amongst others – in the fields of healing, health and well-being.

The Map of Consciousness

The foundation of his work is the Map of Consciousness, which describes human experience by referring to different levels of consciousness that correspond with certain emotions, mental perspectives and a physical level of energy.

The lower levels, 0 to 200, are the negative emotions that we experience, and that are often self-destructive and low in energy. The higher levels, 200 to 1000, are the positive emotions that we experience, such as acceptance, love, and peace. Hawkins distinguishes levels of truth vs. levels of falsehood, referring to the positive states above 200, which are seen as life-supporting energies, as “truth”, and to the negative states below 200, which are seen as life-destroying, as “falsehood”.


God-view Self-view Level Log Emotion Process
Self Is Enlightenment 700-1000 Ineffable Pure Consciousness
All-being Perfect Peace 600 Bliss Illumination
One Complete Joy 540 Serenity Transfiguration
Loving Benign Love 500 Reverence Revelation
Wise Meaningful Reason 400 Understanding Abstraction
Merciful Harmonious Acceptance 350 Forgiveness Transcendence
Inspiring Hopeful Willingness 310 Optimism Intention
Enabling Satisfactory Neutrality 250 Trust Release
Permitting Feasible Courage 200 Affirmation Empowerment
Indifferent Demanding Pride 175 Scorn Inflation
Vengeful Antagonistic Anger 150 Hate Aggression
Denying Disappointing Desire 125 Craving Enslavement
Punitive Frightening Fear 100 Anxiety Withdrawel
Uncaring Tragic Grief 75 Regret Despondency
Condemning Hopeless Apathy,hatred 50 Despair Abdication
Vindictive Evil Guilt 30 Blame Destruction
Despising Hateful Shame 20 Humiliation Elimination

God-view Self All-being One
Self-view Is Perfect Complete
Level Enlightenment Peace Joy
Log 700 – 1000 600 540
Emotion Ineffable Bliss Serenity
Process Pure Consciousness Illumination Transfiguration
God-view Loving Wise Merciful
Self-view Benign Meaningful Harmonious
Level Love Reason Acceptance
Log 500 400 350
Emotion Reverence Understanding Forgiveness
Process Revelation Abstraction Transcendence
God-view Inspiring Enabling Permitting
Self-view Hopeful Satisfactory Feasible
Level Willingness Neutrality Courage
Log 310 250 200
Emotion Optimism Trust Affirmation
Process Intention Release Empowerment
God-view Indifferent Vengeful Denying
Self-view Demanding Antagonistic Disappointing
Level Pride Anger Desire
Log 175 150 125
Emotion Scorn Hate Craving
Process Inflation Aggression Enslavement
God-view Punitive Uncaring Condemning
Self-view Frightening Tragic Hopeless
Level Fear Grief Apathy,hatred
Log 100 75 50
Emotion Anxiety Regret Despair
Process Withdrawel Despondency Abdication
God-view Vindictive Despising
Self-view Evil Hateful
Level Guilt Shame
Log 30 20
Emotion Blame Humiliation
Process Destruction Elimination

You can find more details about Dr. Hawkins and his concept in our blog.

In ReSource Yourself©, we apply the Map of Consciousness in many ways:

  • To find subconscious blockages and mental programs (It is the backbone of our tool, the Release Technique),
  • When identifying the best issues to work with,
  • When making sense of your situation and challenges for you as our client,
  • For quality control of our therapy, by using applied kinesiology.


Hawkins’ Research & Publications

Apart from the Map of Consciousness, Dr. Hawkins has written various books including those listed below:


Power vs. Force (1995)

Stairway to Enlightenment – Transcending the Levels of Consciousness (2006)

Healing and Recovery (2009)

Letting go (2013)


We highly recommend his book titled “Healing and Recovery” (published in May, 2009), as it served as the inspiration for our tools and therapy.

For more information, there is a large quantity of video and audio lectures that is available at www.veritaspub.com. in addition to free video clips on Youtube.


Would you like to know more about Dr. Hawkins, the Map of Consciousness and our approaches to using it? Please go to our blog.