Stress, Exhaustion and Burnout

Stress, Exhaustion and Burnout

The difference between pain and suffering

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Wouldn’t we all like to live a life free of pain? I am sure we would, but it’s just not possible. But does that mean we have to suffer? No.

Pain is an integral part of life, and it all depends how we live it.

What is pain anyway? Basically, it is a sensation in our body that we don’t like to experience. It can appear to be simply physical, such as headaches or a sore back. And pain can also derive from an emotional experience, such as the loss of a loved on or the feeling of isolation and loneliness. But all of these experiences have one thing in common: All we want is for them to end, or to avoid them. Leer más

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No more rush!

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One of my clients went back to work with a proposition that I really like: “No more rush!”

I really like the idea! I don’t know about you, but when I came back from vacation, my batteries were recharged, I felt strong and was in a good mood and had this sense of being calm and whole. Amazing what a few days or weeks of disconnecting and living with less structure and pressure and following your immediate wishes and impulses can do.

So then you’re back, and the routine starts, and with it the list of things to do and the sense of wanting to accomplish or finish things. Leer más

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