Resource Yourself© & Your Career

Resource Yourself© & Your Career

Career Development: ReSource Yourself and Your Career

At ReSource Yourself, career development is handled as an inner process. We help you recognize and overcome inner limitations and mental, or emotional blockages. These are the same blockages that create procrastination, self sabotage and demotivating behaviours in people. That said, most career development programs focus exclusively on outer strategies, goals, systems and action plans. At times, that is just not enough to be successful and take your career to the next level.

Career development requires managing your life, learning processes, skills, values, and what you do for a living in a way that is rewarding and fulfilling. It involves asking yourself questions, that most people overlook, and taking action on those questions, and their answers.

  • Do you love going to work?
  • Do you feel you’ve reached your full potential?
  • Are you appropriately compensated for the job you do?
  • Do you feel there is something better for you out there?
  • Is your career in alignment with your values?
  • Would you like to spend more time at home or with your family?
  • Would you like to start your own business, or take it to the next level?
  • Would you like to land a higher paying job?
  • Would you like to reduce stress?

Did you answer yes to 1, or more, of the above questions? Resource Yourself© & Your Career is our signature 10 weeks intensive Career Development Program, specifically designed for individuals and professionals who want to change, redefine or boost their career.

The key for finding fulfillment in your career is figuring out what your heart desires, and what gives you joy, and how to align your professional activity with these elements. It’ easy to give your best to something that you love doing and that motivates you to go forward. And it’s easy to be successful when you do something that lights up your eyes and your heart.

Let us help you figure out your next career steps

So why don’t we just all do what we dream of doing? Why aren’t we as successful as we know we could be?

The short answer is: Our energy is too low.

The lower the energy, the more negative are our thoughts and emotions, the less physical energy we have, and the less impact in the world. Most of us experience emotions and inner states of guilt, failure and rejection –  fear, panic, and doubt – stress and pressure – or a deep sadness about the lost opportunities and the things we never got to do. All of those states are negative energies, and they hold us back, drain us, burden us, rather than supporting us to move forward.

Apart from the negative emotions, our mind has committed to negative beliefs  such as “I have to work hard”, “I am not good at …”, “I never have enough money”, “I don’t deserve…”, “People don’t like me”…. and a million more of this kind. Here is the difficulty: Whatever our mind thinks is true, consciously or subconsciously, tends to become true!

We handle negative energies such as stuck emotions or blocked mental patterns, and on top, we frequently get overwhelmed with other peoples’ or places’ negativity. AND WE HAVE NEVER LEARNED HOW TO balance, clear and change our energy! So we push forward, trying to do our best, and end up falling back into the negativity we carry around – again and again.

Our Career Development Program helps you to:

  • Design a career vision with clarity on where you are heading, and how it all fits with your overall lifestyle goals.
  • Craft a powerful strategy that puts your attention back on what matters most.
  • Define daily routines supportive of the lifestyle you intend to have.
  • Gain awareness on what is getting in the way. We’ll share tools to help you navigate the bumps that will make the biggest impact.
  • Find the clarity and strength to get yourself into action mode, ready to take steps every day, moving forward towards what matters to you the most.
  • Know and believe profoundly that you are worth it and deserve living a life that makes you happy.
  • Learn to recognize and dissolve self-sabotage, as well as the fear of failure – and of success.

Let us help you figure out your next career steps

How does it work?

The teachings are designed to bring up your inner blockages, take you by the hand, and empower you to transform your experience and reality. Every week you watch a webinar, and then get to do practical homework that helps you to apply the lesson to your life situation. You also get extra materials, such as guided meditations and audio files taking you through the processes, and every week you get individual support in an call that aims at resolving your doubts, and helping you become more aware, apply the tools, and process.

Why does our Career Development Program work?

  • Whenever you get to a point where things get hard, or a part of you doesn’t let you move forward, you feel fear or resistance, you don’t have to force and push against it! You learn how to handle, integrate and use it, and that frees your energy to get ahead.
  • You don’t just use one tool – you learn the best methods of Energy Psychology and some traditional schools, all tested and proven to work in years of experience.
  • You are supported step by step of the way. Any resistance is an opportunity to dig deeper and expand some more as a person.
  • You get to the root of the problem. You focus on the inside change first, and that brings about outside shifts and change in an easy and many times amazing way.

What do my clients say?

“I got something much more profound than what I thought I was looking for when I made the first call.”

“My life has gotten richer and more full, and I enjoy life more fully.”

“I‘ve had a lot less fear and anxiety. When I do feel anxiety, now I got tools for not resisting it, and that makes it much less!”

“I deal with situations now that were always a challenge for me in a completely different way. Now I face them, and they aren’t a challenge anymore.”

“I value and appreciate myself so much more now – and not only do I, but the people around me!”

Let us help you figure out your next career steps