_Meet Katharina Seidler_

Meet Katharina Seidler

My work for you cannot be separated from my own process. Everything I teach my clients, I have experienced, developed and tested. What works for me, will work for you!



Katharina is a Licensed Psychologist with a Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Through her professional experience, training and personal growth, she has become a pioneer and specialist in Energy Psychology. She has learned and created different energy techniques, and developed her innate gifts of intuition, love and creativity to help you heal yourself. She combines a solid scientific education with a wide range of experiences in Energy Psychology and its methods.

Katharina is the founder of Resource Yourself, developed the ReSource Yourself© method in 2012, and the ReSource Yourself Online Program for living your full potential in 2017. Katharina has over 14 years of experience successfully treating clients.

This is how Katharina describes her own professional growth:


First, I studied classical psychology and worked for a psychological consultancy. In parallel, I absorbed any alternative form and method of healing that came my way. Over and over I reached professional limits – but I learned to overcome them and to go further than even I might have thought it possible 15 years ago. Meanwhile, NLP, Reiki, EFT, Body Code, Kinesiology and Ho’oponopono have become basic treasures and tools that I use for and teach to my clients.


The teachings of the American psychiatrist Dr. David R. Hawkins, who later was to become my teacher and mentor, have significantly influenced me and my professional approach.


With ReSource Yourself©  I have developed my own method based on Hawkins’ teachings, my own spiritual experiences and professional techniques of many different psychology and healing approaches. With Shine on Stage, my concept geared specifically to the needs of clients in the performing business, I laid the foundations of what now is my great professional passion: For my clients to be more successful, abundant, creative, and connected with who they really are, following the calling of their soul.


My latest step of growth is accepting that what I do is better described as “healing” than as “psychology”, and that my mission in life is helping people to connect with Source in order to find and live their true vocation and express their full potential.


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