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ReSource Yourself


ReSource Yourself teaches you how to apply specific Energy Psychology tools to release old baggage, change your mindset, and transform your life experience from the inside out!

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ReSource Yourself helps you reconnect with your higher Self. When this happens, you start feeling a sense of peace, balance, and self love. Once these feelings start taking over, you are more at ease with yourself. It becomes easier to take empowering decisions and action, supportive of that which matters to you.

ReSource Yourself helps you transform yourself from within, and create that which matters to you the most, through our unique Private Sessions and our 10-weeks ReSource Yourself Programs

ReSource Yourself Programs

Career Program

This is my signature program, which includes 10 weeks of teachings, tools and personal support in re-inventing yourself professionally. For full information about this program, please click here.

ReSource Yourself Sessions

These private 1-on-1 consultations give you the loving and guided space to take an honest look at yourself and your life, dig deep, and let go of whatever blocks or burdens you. In this way, you can find a quick relief, gain renewed strength and perspective to handle a challenging situation, or simply receive guidance on how to direct your attention and energy to what matters to you most.

ReSource Yourself Program

The 10 weeks programs take you by the hand to help you break through self imposed barriers, in order to transform what is holding you back into a force that propels you forward in the life areas that matter to you the most.


Maria-Dolores, 37 years

I’ve managed to heal my relationship with money and my work. Also some aspects of myself in relationships with others: my partner, my parents – and I can apply this to any other relationship. When I only think of Kat, my heart opens and warmth comes out, and now I can say - that is love. My life is enjoyable, more living, strengthened in every sense. I feel very grateful, and I would recommend the ReSourcing to any person of any age.

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